Yeah, come here. Closer. I’ll tell you. For a dollar.

What? You think I’m messing with you, bro? No way. I wouldn’t do that to a fellow traveler on spaceship earth.

Seriously, she exists. i’m telling you, man, she does.

no this ain’t no hollywood-DC-Marvel bullshit I’m telling. it’s the guaranteed fact. No hold barred. The fact. She’s real.

Yeah, she can fly, she can kick an elephant’s ass and she can see through walls.

No, she’s not hot, but who cares? She’s the real thing. No spandex, men-in-tights bullshit here, brother; just straight truth.

Huh? No. No one knows who she is. They say she’s got no social security number, no driver’s license. Though, you ask me, she don’t need any of them.

Now how would I know that? A job? I mean, how do YOU make money? Jesus, man, you want a lot for a dollar.

Look, here’s what I heard. There’s this chick, see, and she’s saving the world. Only it’s not because she gets a kick out of the glory. I even heard she runs from the cops, the cameras AND the IRS. Heh. Just like you an’ me, eh, bro?

There’s this guy, downtown, you know? He says he seen her jumping over the 4th avenue theater just to avoid some damn ktuu trucks. Yeah, serious! I guess she had just saved some poor bastard from stepping out into the street — guy was drunker n shit — when the news van stopped, and two guys with cameras jumped out. Hippie chick on the other corner got a blurry cell pic of her. Fat lot of good that’ll do. Cell phone cameras suck. What? Just ‘cause I’m askin for money don’t mean I ain’t seen a cell phone. Shit.

Anyway, gimme a dollar. Yeah, I told you about her already. Gimme a dollar.

What the hell? Why you taking out that knife. Asshole! Don’t come near me, i’m…..

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