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links for 2006-11-30 – The Free Ryzom Campaign this is a good move. go donate, already. (tags: MMORPG games opensource) PREACHER To HBO this could actually work out. HBO is a good place for shows. too bad they all get cancelled. (tags: hbo movies comics preacher)

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— Sarah sat in the alleyway. She wore clothing she’d bought from Salvation Army and Value Village. She had a big down coat with holes in the lining. That was over a woolen sweater that looked like christmas had vomited on it. She wore an old pair of woolrich bib overalls, dirty as all hell, […]

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He was stuck in Juneau. There was no helping it. Why his parents took a winter cruise to Alaska was beyond him. Most normal people took this trip during the summertime, when everything was green, and lush, and warm. When planes wouldn’t be grounded in the tiny podunk of a state capital. He could barely […]

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I was shivering. It was warm enough in my apartment, but I shook like I was outside. It must have been the fact that I had finally stopped to think about what had happened. I had been raped. I could barely form the word in my own mind. That sick bastard touched me, raped me, […]

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—- Sarah heard the shout. She dropped the register she had been busy breaking into two or three pieces and went out through the hole in the wall. She stopped, cold. Peter was lying there on the ground, blood streaming from his nose and forehead, pooling around his head in a slushy mess. Suddenly, she […]

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Peter was cold. Too damn cold to be outside, in a back alley, at night. Early morning, rather. Sarah had brought him here, carrying him like Superman carried Lois Lane, only with the obvious gender reversal. The scenery blew by like a VCR on super fast forward, not like the TiVo effect that Sarah had […]

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chain letter cheat

Sarah filled out the chain letter with no intention of sending it along to anyone. She was tired, and hungry, and really just wanted to go to sleep. But the computer beckoned: 1. What is your occupation? Superhero, and Kaladi barista 2. What color are your socks right now? Carharts, brown. Bunny Boots, thick socks […]

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links for 2006-11-23

STUDIO 60: 1.09 finally, one he likes (tags: ellis studio60 tv opinion)

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links for 2006-11-22 : Free Software For Macs (tags: free mac drummachine software OSX Intel) TeevBlogger: ‘Dexter’ Free Online looks good (tags: tv free online)

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Missing men search goes below the ice | Rural Alaska : Missing men search goes below the ice

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