sick | crime : Police arrest rape suspect in the victim’s apartment
A Mountain View woman was dragged by her hair through an alley and raped after she started walking home from a convenience store early Sunday morning, Anchorage police said.

Police arrested 21-year-old Neemia Mareko in connection with the attack and charged him with one count of kidnapping, four counts of rape and three counts of attempted rape.

The victim and Mareko did not know each other, police said. That is unusual in Anchorage, where most women who are sexually assaulted are not attacked by strangers who jump them in the streets, authorities say.

The victim, who was in her late 30s, went to a Holiday Station store on Mountain View Drive to buy sandwiches and coffee around 1:30 a.m., according to documents filed by prosecutors in Anchorage District Court. On her walk back home, Mareko approached her and asked for directions to a nearby street, prosecutors say. When she pointed in the direction, he grabbed her, threw her against a building and dragged her to a parking lot, where he choked her and repeatedly raped her.

During the assault, the victim heard male voices in the vicinity and Mareko asked her if she had an apartment, police said. The victim, trying to escape the ongoing assault, said she would take him back to her home, police Lt. Paul Honeman said.

“She was trying to think ahead and formulate a plan,” he said.

The victim told police the rapist smelled like alcohol. She had not been drinking, police said.

In her apartment, the sexual assaults continued until Mareko went into the bathroom, and the victim quietly called 911 using her cell phone, police said. She whispered her address and frantically told police to hurry.

When police arrived, they found Mareko in the apartment and the victim distraught and naked. Mareko was arrested.

Mareko later told police he had been drinking at a Spenard restaurant.

Monday night, Mareko was at the Anchorage Jail.

In Anchorage, the city’s sexual assaults — one of the highest rates in the country — typically are committed by people known to the victim, said Standing Together Against Rape executive director Anna Fairclough. Only about 20 percent of the city’s rapes are committed by strangers, she said.

There were 225 reported rapes in Anchorage in 2005, according to the police department.

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