Chapter 2

It was saturday once again, and Sarah spent the rest of the week burying her self in her work. She fed, clothed and toileted clients that needed it. She watchd a LOT of TV. And she ate a ton of TV dinners. It was a week of cloistering. Not for contemplating, no. It was a week made for hiding from the truth.

She had a half an hour to kill before her bus picked her up. She had been sitting on the couch, no TV on, just staring blankly at the wall. When the world got kind of…blurry. Not blurry exactly, but more transparent. Like it became a piece of tracing paper and she could see through it. Her heart picked up speed, but for some odd reason, she sat still and didn’t try and focus her eyes. She’d never been able to do those “hidden picture” photographs, the ones where if you stared at them cross-eyed you’d see a picture pop out. This was kind of like how she’d heard those were.

First, the TV went shimmery, the kind of transparent. Then the wall. Then she saw her neighbor, this skinny little white guy, on the bed in his room next door. He was naked, and in bed, and…

She jumped, focusing her eyes, and it was gone.

Hesitantly, because she half wanted to see and half didn’t want to, she started to blank out her eyes again. Or, rather, the wall between her living room and his bedroom. She let her eyes go slack, as if she was going to sleep, but kept them open, just a bit.

Relax, she told herself. what’s the worst he could be doing?

Don’t answer that, she answered herself.

She let go, and it happened quicker this time. First teh TV, then the wall, then the guy next door was in focus. He was naked on his bed, with a magazine in one hand and his fist pumping his…oh. god.

She stopped looking through the wall by shutting her eyes. She turned her head and opened them again. This time, she saw her door. And wondered.

She let her eyes slacken, and the transparency happened right away, like peeling back another set of eyes she didn’t know she had. She saw right through her door to the hallway beyond. As she sort of focused this new set of eyes, she saw even that wall disappear, and the outside appeared. It was cold and snowy and gray out there. She let her new vision go, and the solid world returned around her.

What the hell is happening to me, she said to herself.

She glanced at the clock, and saw that it was time to get to the bus stop for work. She looked out through the wall, back tot he outside, and saw that the bus wasn’t there at the stop. Either it was late, or it had come earlier while she was staring at skinny guy masturbating. Ew.

She grabbed her coat, shoved her hat on her head and her mittens on her hands, and ran out the door, pausing only for her purse.

Sarah locked the front door, ran down the steps and out the gate, and got to the bus stop just as her bus was arriving. Now, that’s handy, she thought.

Now if my neighbor was only hot, she lamented. I’d totally watch a hot guy do that. And he was not hot. Of course, at this point, she might have watched anything. It was getting pretty lonely as a single girl in Anchorage.

At the coffee house, Sarah slipped of her coat and slipped on her apron. She tied it in back, and headed out to the front room to start serving. This two job crap is getting old, she thought. I need a roommate.

Peter Novicki stood nearby, typing someone’s wifi info into the networked iMac, to allow them access to the “free” wifi. It was free as in beer, but also just as reliable as free beer. As in, not very.

He glanced up at her, smiled, and quickly glanced down. He kind of creeped her out. Thank god she hadn’t seen him jerking off. He was cute, but something was a little off about him. Like serial killer off. Like sociopath off. Like child molester off, though he couldn’t have been much more than a child himself.

He was awkward and uncomfortable around her most of the time, so she let her thoughts go and turned to the older woman in line. “What can I get you, ma’am?

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