Peter was cold. Too damn cold to be outside, in a back alley, at night. Early morning, rather. Sarah had brought him here, carrying him like Superman carried Lois Lane, only with the obvious gender reversal. The scenery blew by like a VCR on super fast forward, not like the TiVo effect that Sarah had explained. Peter wondered if it had to do with him not being the one doing the running, or whatever. If he was gonna be a sidekick, it would be a great idea to figure out her powers with her, he thought.

Sarah was inside the Pawn Shop, having easily bypassed their security bars, security cameras (threw chunks of wall at them), and security glass (duh). The noise of entering had stopped, and Peter only heard the distant hum of studded car tires on the major road just a block or two away. Sarah said she’d chosen this pawn shop because it was one of the larger shops, but off the beaten path a bit. Which suited Peter fine, since he really didn’t want to find anyone while he was on lookout. Like cops, or whatever.

Peter heard some footsteps. Running footsteps, in fact, and crying. Getting closer. So much for not finding anyone. “Sarah!” he hissed, in the direction of the hole in the wall where the window frame used to be.

Peter turned to the mouth of the alley, and froze. There was a woman, long pink coat flapping behind her, running down the mouth of the alley. Right toward where Peter stood. “Sarah!” he tried again, with still no answer.

Just as he was about to turn and go in the pawn shop, Peter saw the man. Running behind the woman. Pelting around the corner. Grabbing the long pink coat trailing behind the now screaming and crying woman. Peter yelled, “Sarah!” and ran to the woman and man, now on the ground, in the snow covered alley. The man got the upper hand, and started ripping open the woman’s coat, and shirt underneath. The woman screamed and sobbed, until the man clamped his hand down on her mouth, stifling the screams to even more unsettling muffled sounds.

Peter covered the distance in a couple of seconds. The man looked up, his stupid look of concentration forcing his tongue out through his mouth in panting breaths. Peter saw, in an instant, that the man was white, good looking, and wore good clothing. Then Peter grabbed him around the neck and tried to forcefully rip him off of the woman supine on the ground.

The rapist was strong. Peter’s hands slipped off of the man’s sweaty neck, and the man twisted up and around, to grab Peter by his shoulders. They were face to face for a moment, and Peter saw startling blue eyes before the man slammed his forehead into Peter’s nose. Peter saw a flash of light, then nothing more.

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