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cookies, milk, and carrot

cookies, milk, and carrot Originally uploaded by roblef. Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you’re doing well and having a great winter solstice/xmas/kwanzaa/hannukah celebration!

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links for 2006-12-24

Sneaking into Airports i love this guy, this shit, and this asinine TSA crap. (tags: security tsa humor)

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beloved.avi (video/x-msvideo Object)

beloved.avi (video/x-msvideo Object) Right click on that, save it to your hard drive, and open with VideoLan Player (VLC), if you’re on a Mac. It’s an amazing animation, with a message.

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SNL – Digital Short – A Special Christmas Box *Uncensored Ve This is too funny NOT to post.

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ellis tells it

Warren Ellis is a pop culture junky. Now is the best time to be one, since things are just so…quality. I love BSG, I love Torchwood (they’d better fucking release it here soon), and I love weepy. Bring it.A Brief Look At The Year In SF Television I just want everyone on TORCHWOOD to stop […]

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THe problem was, she thought, that rapists looked no different than any other of the scum outside or in. Sara had been in corners of every dirty alley in Anchorage, it seemed. She sat in the university library, dressed as a student. She sat in the lobby of sleazy hotels, nice hotels, laundromats, everywhere she […]

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links for 2006-12-16

Cooking Cute: Molded Eggs Tutorial (tags: hardboiled eggs molding funcook cooking)

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links for 2006-12-15

Using PGP Encryption and Signatures with Apple’s Mail – Recently. A (We)Blog (tags: pgp mac gpg gnupg macgpg encryption email work)

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Sarah sat in the grocery store and brooded. It wasn’t that cold out this past couple of days, and her patrols had been pretty easy. She’d been avoiding staying in the same spot for longer than a few hours at a time. She had originally worried that the people who worked near where she sat, […]

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12 after a hiatus

Sister Mary welcomed Brother Mike into her apartment. “Hello, Michael.” He stared at her eyes for a full 5 seconds, before dropping his hungry gaze to her cleavage, then her bare midriff, then her lingerie clad pelvis and naked thighs. She suppressed a smile as he lingered there, shuddering in anticipation. This was almost too […]

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