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The Post Office system is cool and handy on its own, but as I thought about it, I realized it had a practical use when playing Viva Piñata with younger kids. They tend to enjoy seeing the progress of a garden, but don’t always have the patience to get there. Mom or dad can build up their own garden and send bigger piñatas to their kids so that they stay interested in the game and don’t have to wait for more exciting piñatas to show up.

One other noteworthy feature of Viva Piñata is Family Mode. In this mode, anyone with a controller can help out in the game. This mode was added to the game so that adults can help younger children with more difficult tasks. We weren’t really sure what this mode was going to be like when we added a second player, but it turned out to be just as much fun to take turns in the game as it was to help my son build his garden.

Don’t think that Viva Piñata is just a family game or a game for kids, though. I know lots of adults who own this game and they happily spend much of their spare time cultivating a garden. From a family perspective, though, this game is a great lab for kids to experiment with cause and effect: Add water, get a water creature; grow flowers, attract bees, etc. It is also a game that teaches a degree of personal responsibility: If you don’t take care of your piñatas, they can get sick and even die if you ignore them.

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