monkeypup, a blog

monkeypup, a blog:

“I don’t really know which questions women should ask prospective grooms. Probably shit like “Are you willing to buy tampons at the grocery store if needed?” or “Do you like potpourri?” Stuff like that. Who knows what goes on in their heads? Not me. Anyway, men, if you are planning to get married, be sure to ask the following:

1. What are your feelings on televised sports, video games, pornography and strip clubs?
2. Do you believe in living rooms without TVs in them?
3. Will I be able to keep that framed movie poster for Reservoir Dogs (Star Wars, Godfather, etc)?
4. Will you be cool with a large screen television in one (or more) of our rooms?
5. Do you like (Insert movie you find tremendously funny)?”

Rave on, Joshua, rave on.

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