a place for them little snippets that won’t go away

Also, maybe a way to jump start the damn novel, again. Here’s my first Ficlet:

ficlets – really cool project for writers

From Scalzi (who else?) comes a collaborative short fiction site for writers, called Ficlets:

What does ‘collaborative short fiction’ mean in this case? Simple: You, as a writer, post a very short (not more than 1,024 characters) piece of fiction or a fiction fragment on the Ficlets site. People come to Ficlets to read what you’ve written, and to comment on your piece. If they want to, they can also write a ‘sequel’ to your story or story fragment, carrying the story forward from where you left it. Or, alternately, they can write a ‘prequel,’ explaining how you got to where you are in the story. All sorts of people can write all sorts of sequels and prequels — and of course, other people can write sequels and prequels to those. What you end up with is a story with multiple authors and multiple branchings — lots of possibilities and surprises.

Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? If nothing else, it’ll be a swell place for some of my half-baked fiction ideas to get closer to fully-baked. (yeah-ha-ha-ha, turn it up, man!)

(Via WWdN: In Exile.)

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