30 in 30

I dunno. Can I actually sustain 30 posts in 30 days? I can *try.*

Let’s make sure the rules are clear:
• links and one line commentary don’t count
• commentary about internet stuff, video games, comics, etc. DO count. Just only if there is a preponderance of roblef-generated content.
• i may talk about shit that you have no interest in. feel free to not read
• you must comment as often as possible.

Ok, there it is. With the above rules, we start. Here’s post #1, of 30:

kameo.jpgI went by Blockbuster last evening and rented Kameo: Elements of Power, a game with a girl as the central hero figure. YAY strong females. I don’t want my girl growing up thinking that she has to be like a man in order to be strong and worthwhile.

Game wasn’t very fun for the first 20 min. I’ve found that true in another game – Lost Planet. They both try to throw you in and let you figure stuff out before getting to the story points, or the cut scenes. I think it’s a way to allow people to like the game first, without having to sit through a bunch of backstory. But, I like the backstory. I like to revel in the animation and splash animations, and such. I remember a big part of my love for Starcraft was that amazingly cool intro movie.

Anyway, with Kameo, the game got much better past the initial scenes. You have to run around and solve puzzles, fight comical trolls and generally figure out how to rescue your elements of power, which allow you to transform into spirit warrior monsters. Tis tons of fun. I’d consider buying it, if it weren’t too expensive, but I’m also concerned that if I buy it, it’ll stop being fun. Right AFTER I buy it. Ah, well.

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