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Call girl service sticks out from the crowd by offering nipple-nuzzling threeway – MSN-Mainichi Daily News
“Just about any call girl service offers nipple licking. But how often does that only last for a little while? People who like their nipples licked simply dont find that satisfying enough,” the services operator tells Spa “We finish the job off by getting the customer to appoint one of the girls to service him orally, with the other girl continuing to lick away at his nipples until the final spurt.”

Bichiku Boyz boss says that part of the appeal of his service lies in the fact that its simply too embarrassing for many men to ask to have their nipples licked.

“Most guys can mouth a request to be serviced orally, but it takes a lot of guts to turn to a woman and say Lick my nipples,” the knocking shop boss tells Spa “Anybody who loves their nipples getting licked should come to us and have them licked to their hearts content.” Идея за подарък

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