chatty. chatty in my HEAD

There’s something about sitting in a motel room for an entire day. It makes me chatty. Chatty in my head.

Yesterday, I found out the student I’m here to see was not here today. So, I checked into the motel. The motel is laid out in rows, about four of them, of 3 or 4 unit buildings. The room itself is one queen bed, a mini fridge, a microwave, coffee maker, TV, and bathroom.

I watched this bizarre movie from lunch until 2. It had an Indian guy, Heather Graham, Marisa Tomei (maybe) and Lenny from Laverne and Shirley. It was a weird take off on a Bollywood pic, with the protagonist, Rammy, pretending to be a sex guru and trying to get together with the porn star (Heather Graham). Weird movie, but strangely compelling.

THen I wend across the road to get some coffee and wifi. Sat in the tiny coffee shop with the sweet sweet sweet lady that runs the place. I think everyone in the town showed up at some point. The oxygen levels were getting low, so I left. My room has no wifi. Boohoo.

So I read a mystery novel on the DS (Hotel Dusk), drank some Wild Turkey, and was sleeping by 9.

Now, I’m up at 7 (alarm clock was like chalk fingernails on a sandpaper board). Had some Jimmy Dean omelettes (kept outside in the snow sans freezer), and now I’m watching Mall Rats. Never seen it. It’s pretty good.

Ok, that’s enough for the chattiness. Bleh.

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