the glory of the night

My night, here in beautiful downtown Tok:

2 am, a car horn sound right outside my door. I’m thinking, oh, shit, my horn is going off, waking everyone up. I grab the keys, hit the lock, the unlock button. No luck. Horn stays on. I put on clothes, go out to my rental SUV, and open the door. It’s then when I find out it’s not my car. It’s the truck right across the parking lot. 5 minutes later, they figure it out and the horn goes off.

4:15 am, the guys next door (hunters? why else get up so damn early?) get up, loudly, and leave.

5:30 am, the alarm from the guys next door goes off. I can hear it like it’s an alarm in my own room. I put a pillow over my head, which drowns it out for the most part.

6:30 am, it’s no use. I can’t get back to sleep. Time to get up!

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