maker’s and soda

maker’s markI’m here, in the Fairbanks airport, waiting for my drink. It’s been a long drive. My flight from here to Anchorage was scheduled for a little before 8 pm, scheduled to get in around 9 or so.

As I drove into Fairbanks, an hour or so early for my 3:30 meeting, I got two messages on my cell phone. The first, from my daughter, said that she missed me and still wanted to go to sunday school (for some reason, that was important to her).

The second was a cancellation of my 3:30 meeting. My goal was to meet the SpEd coordinator for a small rural district at the office in Fairbanks. A student on our caseload has a computer. I was to uninstall demo software, and put on software that the district owns. Odd that they’d need a specialist from Anchorage to uninstall and install software, but I was coming through town, and said I’d do it.

The call itself was about the computer. The computer that was sent in from the school wasn’t even the computer for the student on our caseload. It was, apparently, some other student’s computer.

In addition, the software that the district owns didn’t make it out on any of the flights today from the village _it_ was in.

In addition, the SpEd coordinator had to pick up a child from school at 3:30.

So, all in all, I got into Fairbanks five hours before my plane was to leave. Needless to say, I headed to the airport and asked for a spot on an earlier flight. I am now scheduled to fly home at 3:47, arriving in Anchorage around 4:30 or so.


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