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Chips with Everything

Bruce Sterling – still a visionary. Chips with Everything It’s still only 2007. Apple has not yet shipped a single iPhone. We don’t have Windows with Wheels and Eyeballs either. But self-powered green chips? The Germans, in the unlikely global stronghold of wind and solar, are very busy on ambient power: unlike Apple and Microsoft, […]

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links for 2007-04-26

Star Trek New Voyages fan films. fascinating. (tags: startrek trek fandom video)

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sf author talks science fiction becoming science fact

low, quick, and utterly irresistable…the future becomes the now: Gwyneth Jones on developing robot technology | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology But subtle, crazy nightmares like Minority Report, where we are invited to accept the Precrime bureaus activities as normal, are perhaps more insightful than the excited reports on sci-fi technology becoming sci-fi fact. For […]

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Star Trek New Voyages Pilot Episode, Come What May Part 1 Wow. This has pretty good production value. Plus, later episodes star original cast members.

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links for 2007-04-25 utter coolness. i love teh intarwebs. and the tubes, and such (tags: novel fiction sf audiobook) In Media Res » Blog Archive » Heroes and Comic Book Aesthetics Heroes and comic book style. Also includes some further reading at the end of the text part. (tags: heroes comics writing television) The Wrestler in My […]

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games are, apparently, addictive

Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins Do we ban images or words from World of Warcraft? Do we ban any activity that is pleasurable, or produces chemical reactions? Most pleasurable activities stimulate the release of brain chemicals. We dont know how, say, playing a highly competitive game of basketball affects the […]

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links for 2007-04-24

Questions buddy sam is graduating. final column! (tags: writing friends column newspaper) International Pixel-Stained Technopeasants inneresting. lots of writers here (tags: writing scifi sf livejournal)

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All The Rage

w00t! Some new transmet style! All The Rage ATR: Youve said recently that you want this title to be the “new Transmetropolitan” in a fashion, anyway. What do you mean by this, and can we expect scathing, satirical, social commentary? WE: By that, I mean that its a long-form novel of sociopolitical science fiction. By […]

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aaron sorkin

i don’t like sports on tv, and i don’t like sitcoms with laugh tracks. but Sports Night, by Aaron Sorkin, knocks my socks off. It’s like the TV equivalent of eating popcorn, or potato chips. It’s not the heaviest subject matter, nor the healthiest thing on TV, but taken in a row, one after the […]

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mimi smartypants is still my hero

mimi smartypants BECAUSE SOMEONE ASKED Everything I do as a parent is improv and half-assed and accidental, and I would like to type something here like “and yet it all works out” but I guess time will have to be the judge of that. Heres hoping, either despite or because of my mothering, that Nora […]

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