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Yeah, I’ve got this running argument with my wife over video games in general. I’ll blog more about it later, but here’s an excerpt from a pretty good discussion of some of the issues. And why does this guy have a nanny? Odd.

UPDATE: I posted this huge long response to the article, and lost it in the back button. GRPH.

You Grew Up Playing Shootem-Up Games. Why Cant Your Kids? –
I was playing a round of Gears of War, trying to redo a level on “insane” mode, and the walls were painted with guts. I slaughtered my way to the boss, revved up my chainsaw, and sliced into his chest — releasing a fractal fountain of gore. Woo

At that instant, I heard the front door to my apartment open, and in walked my nanny … with my 15-month-old son, his eyes agog. Daddy, I could see him thinking, what are you doing?

Oh, nothing, son. Just kicking back with a mass-murder simulator. Thats all

So I hastily clicked off my Xbox 360, and avoided the nannys eyes. But it got me thinking: Eventually hes going to want to play video games. And then Ill have to face the traditional child-rearing quandaries that games present. When will I hand him his first controller? Will I let him play the gory combat games I love so much — and, if so, when?

Gamers like me have spent years railing against ill-informed parents and politicians whove blamed games for making kids violent, unimaginative, fat or worse. But now were in a weird position: Were the first generation that is young enough to have grown up playing games, but old enough to have kids.

So it turns out that, whoops, now weve got to make sober calls about what sort of entertainment is good or bad for our children. And what, precisely, are we deciding? I started making calls to my gamer posse find out.

Thanks, Unca Sean, bok bok!

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