i just wanted to post the pic

but, wouldn’t this be fun to take around with you? wifi? dude.

Xbox 360 Laptop mk2 – Engadget

Behold, the Xbox 360 Laptop mk2 It may look a bit like its first generation sibling, but dont be fooled. This Xbox laptop is a bit thinner, significantly lighter, and has some essential upgrades if youre gonna build one yourself. You are going to build one, arent you? Because thats the best part about it — were going to show you how to make one of your own in the coming weeks with a three part How-To series. Well describe, in detail, the steps necessary to fab an Xbox laptop, and if youre extra nice well even provide some original technical files and drawings. But play before work — check out the photos below and videos after the break of the Xbox 360 Laptop mk2

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