kids eat free

so, we’re driving home, and my daughter says, “hey, dad. did you know that at Denny’s, kids eat free?” I told her that no, I did not know that and was she hungry. She said she was, and I looked at the clock. 3:15 pm. Damn. Too early for dinner. Sorry, my six year old reader.

then, listening to our friend Amber’s radio show, the song Superman comes on. You know. The one where he sings, “It’s not easy….to beehee….me.”

And my daughter says, “it’s not easy to be SUPERMAN? I mean, all you gotta do is fly around and save people.”

And I say, “Well, maybe he’s lonely, since there’s no one else like him.”

And she says, “He’s got Supergirl, and Super Woman, I mean Wonder Woman, and Batman, and his PARENTS. You know, the ones that FOUND him.” All of this in a duh-dad-don’t-you-know-anything voice.

I just laughed, and said she had a point, and yeah, why was Superman all whiney about being him, anyway.

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