aaron sorkin

i don’t like sports on tv, and i don’t like sitcoms with laugh tracks.

sportsnight.jpgbut Sports Night, by Aaron Sorkin, knocks my socks off. It’s like the TV equivalent of eating popcorn, or potato chips. It’s not the heaviest subject matter, nor the healthiest thing on TV, but taken in a row, one after the other, it’s quite irresistible. I’m on episode 12, and enjoying the hell out of it. It’s a sitcom, with a laugh track, about a fictional sports news show. All they had to do in Ep 11 was bring on the actress who went on to play Donna Moss on the West Wing, have her smile that little frowny smile, and talk about something meaningful. I teared right up. Yay, Aaron! Yay Sports Night!

DVDs of TV shows are better than TV shows. Less commercials, and more of them in a row.

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