there are no neutrality rules

Robert X Cringeleysays:

Readers claim that some — who knows, maybe ALL — big broadband ISPs are ALREADY running tiered services.

“I used to work at Time-Warner Cables Road Runner High Speed HQ,” wrote one reader, “and as of 2005, TWC marked all VoIP packets with the TOS bit turned to 1. TWC has 5 levels of priority, VoIP having the highest, router tables second, commercial services 3rd, Road Runner consumer 4th and everything else is classified as best effort.”


In the strictest sense, this is perfectly in keeping with my point from last week that having a native VoIP service changes the rules of the game when it comes to net neutrality because VoIP in this case is a PHONE service, not an INTERNET service and is therefore not restricted from QoS prioritization. But what about those other service levels? They generally have to do with Internet services and so ought to come under the net neutrality rules.


I went to one of my smartest, best-informed, and most cynical friends who has a long career making these networks work and he wrote, “Well, there are no Net Neutrality rules/laws in place yet. Correct? So, they can do anything they want, right? Besides, your point about why your fax doesnt work on Vonage may be explained…”

Suddenly it is all beginning to make sense to me.

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