How to Write Successful Endings

How to Write Successful Endings

How to Write Successful Endings

Dont let your fiction get tossed in the wastebasket because the ending “didnt quite work.” Follow Nancy Kress advice for choosing a successful ending based on the style of your work.

by Nancy Kress

The most-asked question when someone describes a novel, movie or short story to a friend probably is, “How does it end?” Endings carry tremendous weight with readers; if they dont like the ending, chances are theyll say they didnt like the work. Failed endings are also the most common problems editors have with submitted works.

Making your ending a success involves two things. The first is content; the events of the ending must satisfy everything that has gone before. Theres no easy way to tell anyone how to do this; it depends entirely on what the work has seemed to promise the reader. Whatever that was must be delivered.

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