Videogames Make Better Horror Than Hollywood

Word up.


Make Better Horror Than Hollywood
I’d only been playing BioShock for 15 minutes, and already I was trembling like a little girl.

Its hard to disentangle what precisely was scaring the crap out of me. Maybe it was hearing the rumbling moans of a nearby Big Daddy, and realizing it was hunting for me. Maybe it was the way those filthy, genetically modified humans would pop out of nowhere, dressed, improbably, in Victorian clothes and creepy Eyes Wide Shut clown masks. Or maybe it was their weirdly garbled dialogue — how theyd shriek, “Get away from me” while slashing at me with lead pipes.

The fact is, I like to be scared out of my wits. Im one of those wimps who is easily spooked yet generally enjoys the sensation. So ever since I was a kid, Ive loved good horror movies — Id turn out the lights freak myself out with classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th or The Exorcist.

Yet heres the thing: For several years now, Ive found that my favorite horror experiences arent coming from movies any more. They’re coming from games.

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