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Burn Notice: Been through 2 episodes. The highs: Bruce Cambell, Sharon Gless, and a grittiness that isn’t usually on USA. Also, two guest stars from Dexter. Could mean connection in production or directing. The lows: changing Sharon Gless into higher class, better hair mom after the pilot, and changing girlfriend into non-Irish brogue. I liked the brogue. Made the car explosion funnier.

Flight of the Conchords: been through 4 episodes. Funny as hell, tons of in-jokes about music and trying to start/run a band. Songs are genuinely good, and genuinely funny.

Pain Killer Jane: been through half an episode. So far, the set up is good. More later.

Flash Gordon: Ugh. Don’t. Even. Bother. It’s like Stargate, Sliders, and every bad Smallville episode rolled into one.

UPDATE: Finished PainKiller Jane. It has enough interesting things to keep me watching the next episode or two. Yes, there are cliches and some cheesy dialogue; some flat moments. But two or three genuinely moving moments, and some style to boot. It’s got potential, though they need to capitalize ont he good stuff, minimize the bad.

UPDATE: See what I fucking mean? Strongest premiere ever. Phhht.

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