new risk: OMG yes please

New Risk Box ArtRisk: Black Ops | Gamers With Jobs
Hasbro will soon introduce new rules and components for Risk, designed to make the game sleeker, quicker to play and more accessible. Itll be a full restart of the Risk universe, a new Risk for a new generation.

At a recent get-together at rabbits, I got a chance to try out the new ruleset firsthand with Risk: Black Ops, a limited edition promo version created by Rob Daviau the same guy behind Risk 2210 A.D..

The basic game mechanics have been left unchanged. You still deploy “troops” in this case, little colored markers to territories across a world map. You still attack your neighbors and defend against aggressors by rolling dice. And you still get cards, which you can cash in to get troop reinforcements. But the new rules offer two major improvements: Objectives and a revamped resource system.

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