midlife. crisis?

This guy’s funny. I’m usually surprised when the friend that recommended this recommends things like this, as thisfriend isn’t always in tune with the universe in the same way I am. but he IS in tune. just different, sometimes. This is a good thing.

Meet my hot new stripper wife / Turns out the mid-life crisis is a cruel global phenomenon. Can it be stopped?

Worse still, the misery could be happening already, and I dont even realize it. Apparently, the crisis comes on very slowly, like some sort of creeping disease, like cancer or liver damage or conservatism, like a love of creamed foods and golf and pale yellow Polo shirts with the collar turned up. One day youre alert and hip and tingly in all the right places, the next you realize you cant read the tiny print on your bottle of Lipitor and you have nine cats and a nagging feeling you forgot to turn off the stove in the lost kitchen of your dreams. Damn.

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