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So, i run an Alaskan music podcast/blog, called theancpodcast. I belong to, a social network with several people in Anchorage that I’ve met and hang out wiht and now count to be friends. I’ve been blogging on Tribe about some music I have found that I think others there might like. I’ve decided to do the same here. I may just move the posting to this site, since I’m not getting any comments on the Tribe blog. So, anyway, here’s post 1 of a series. I’m calling it “being roblef.”

headlights - kill them with kindnessHi all,

I’ve seen a few calls for “where’s the new music!?” and thought I’d start posting the new stuff I find. I typically download from eMusic, but many of the stuff I find can be gotten off of iTunes, or the band’s own website.

Here’s my latest pick:

Headlights – Kill them With kindness

Great album, wonderful melodies and harmonies. Kind of pop-rock with electronica overtones.

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