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i will buy this man’s book, now

Clay Shirky. I think he may be one to watch.

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links for 2008-05-01

Own the Sidewalk: By Special Request ugh. mcCAIN! (tags: mccain politics blog evil) Elton John plans Anchorage concert: Alaska News | fuck YES! (tags: eltonjohn elton anchorage ANC)

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links for 2008-04-30

kuler coolest online color thingy ever (tags: graphics colour webdesign adobe design color)

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masturbation is a win-win

Man, think of the twitter possibilities. “What are you doing now?” times five days a week. Pure comedy gold One research study, by the Cancer Council Victoria, has shown that men who report that they regularly (“more than five times per week”) masturbate have up to one third fewer occurrences of prostate cancer.[32][25] The researchers […]

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dr who and donna in spoof

Great riff on Scottish v English, plus the Dr. Who jokes.

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Announcing The News from Poughkeepsie!

So, Mur LAfferty is giving away an idea a day for a year for writers. Link below to read her first post ont he topic. What a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Mur is the host of a podcast I listen to quite a bit (more so when I’m actually writing…) at […]

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links for 2008-04-26

Diabetes diet: Can going vegetarian help? – hmmmm (tags: vegetarian diet diabetes) Diabetes and a Vegetarian Diet — The Vegetarian Resource Group (tags: diabetes vegetarian diet) Vegetarian Diabetic Diet (tags: diabetes vegetarian diet) Diabetes UK, UK Diabetes Resource, Diabetes Symptoms, Diabetes Diet, Gestational Diabetes (tags: diabetes vegetarian diet) Vegetarianism (tags: vegetarian diet)

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links for 2008-04-25

Intel-based Mac: Microsoft Office doesn’t launch possible fix for MS Word issues (tags: work sesa office macosx) Latest podcasting study is out nice to hear that this is a trend (tags: podcasting)

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links for 2008-04-24

When album covers attack funnnnnnEEEEE! (tags: humor video music) Kevin Kelly — The Technium 1000 true fans (tags: trufans opinion) Whatever » The Problem With 1,000 True Fans scalzi’s take on the true fan concept (tags: trufans opinion) Robert Rich » 1000 True Fans (an answer) an artis speaks out (tags: trufan opinion music) The […]

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comment here

Hey! leave a comment after the beep…. *beep*

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