why twitter?

When I first told a good friend of mine about Twitter, he replied, “why do I want to see what everyone is doing every second of the day?” Which made sense, as far as it goes. He’s not a lifestreaming proponent.

But twitter has become something less lifestream and more conversationstream. I’m finding and following tech savvy people all over the globe. I’m listening and talking to people right here in Anchorage about computers, web hosting, weather conditions, etc. It’s like a big giant party line, in which we’re all equal. It’s what IM should have been all along. It’s what IRC used to be, for me, with the added ability to see micro posts from famous actors, authors, and tech pundits. It’s fast becoming the way I find new ideas and technologies, perspectives and local connections.

So, to my friend, I say, “come and join the conversation.”

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