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So, today, I had the opportunity to meet up with two people from the local “web developer/IT Professional” community in Anchorage. I know, you’re saying, “what community?”

Well, it turns out that there is one. I connected up with them through Twitter, a micro-bloggin service that lets people follow other people. I’ve been digging on the conversations going on there, among some of the best and brightest, including some of the start of web 2.0. One of the great things about twitter is it’s API, which allows developers to use the twitter data/architecture to provide services of their own.

One of these twitter-cetric sites is, which allows you to search for twitter-ers in a specific area. I did a search for Anchorage, and found 15 – 20 people that are active in the twittering community. Ended up meeting two of them for lunch today, at City Diner, and a plan for more connection among web-savvy people in Anchorage was born.

So, that’s exciting to me. Connecting with other like-minded people is a great thing, and this could lead to friendships and business opportunities. So, here’s to twitter, and the people in Anchorage doing web/IT stuff!

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