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so, we played the House of Rock in Spenard this past Friday. And it was tons of fun. Had a nice little group of listeners, and we played the songs pretty well.

The sound was horrible. i could BARELY hear myself sing, and started to go hoarse during the last few songs. That’s Not Good, with capitals. I don’t think any of the vocalists could hear themselves, so it’s hard to say what it came out sounding like. Not that that is a big deal. it’s definitely not.

The big deal is having fun. Playing music with others. That is the Big Deal. With capitals.

So, for the smaller deals – bad sound, and I wasn’t happy with my acoustic guitar. I liked it a lot up at Alpenglow when the sound was quieter (which is funny because that’s where we got yelled at for being “too loud”).

I didn’t like it much at House of Rock. I could barely hear it, for one, and it just doesn’t take the music to a new level. One listener said, “you all sounded so classic rock.” Which isn’t a Bad Thing, nor a bad thing, really. But it’s not the sound I’m going for. I want that grunge influenced, modern rock sound. I think I may need to look at incorporating the electric again. And maybe, a keyboard. GOD what I would kill for a keyboard player.

But without an actual player, maybe a sequencer. or a Keyboard that I could activate and play during parts of songs. I dunno. I just need to not sound like classic rock. Ick.

Final thing is working on parts wiht the other guitarist. When schwa was writing and performing, we made damn sure both guitars weren’t banging away on the same open chords. It sounds ick to me. I think the lack of practice time or get together time as a band here has definitely created the “banging away on teh same chords” feel. and that Should Stop.

Anyway, gig was a blast, we all had fun. Can’t wait to play again. Oh, and our bassist now has the title of Band Manager. He’s turning out to dig on creating opportunities for us. Which is cool. Cause I’d rather concentrate on the music and arrangement and such. But SOMEONE needs to take care of the Getting of Gigs and Getting of Payment. Glad B is up to it.

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