bikes, babies, bikes!

So, I’m really super excited and I have no one to share the joy with, besides my wife, who helped me with the joy and…

…wait, back up. I just got my kids NEW BIKES! OMG I am so happy about it. When I was a kid, I had to wait a WHOLE year till X-mas to get a new bike, and that was ONCE in my whole kid life. And it wasn’t a cool bike like all the other kids had, it was a yellow Schwinn with a big long banana seat and jesus, dad, could you have bought a gay-er bike in the whole world? Yeah, I know that now, in 2008, they’re like retro cool and maybe I’ll sell my old one on eBay (my parents keep everything) and make a million bucks, but back then, in 1970-something, it sucked. I got teased for that bike forEVER. I wanted a freakin’ Mongoose like every other cool kid.

So flash forward to now (yeah, I know, no bitterness in THAT stuff above), and I got my kids two of the coolest, most Mongoosey-ist kid bikes with trick pedals and EVERYTHING. SO COOL.
Here they are in all their glory.

See the hot purple one? That’s for my girl. It’s a girly bike without the white tires, floofy handlebar things, and lame girly basket. It’s girly in a web 2.0, grrrl sort of a way, right? It’s even got TRICK PEGS on the front and back wheels. How grrly is that!?

And the cool green one? That’s for my boy, who will now have the raddest bike on the block. It has trick pegs, too! Sweet racer MX biker action! And the training wheels don’t slip and dump him into the street, like his current one does (maybe he’ll blog about that in some far future where he still likes me).

The best thing? Not having to make them wait till X-mas or birthday or whatever. Sometimes, it ROCKS to be a grown up with some disposable income.икони

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