kite runner

I saw the most amazing movie last night. No special effects, car chases, or even much fiction to it. The Kite Runner is one of those events that changes your perspective so radically, that you can’t go back to how you looked at things before.

I sit this morning, reading Friendfeed and twitter posts, and I think, “how banal. how utterly devoid of reality. Who CARES what web 2.0 app is the best? Or whether or not to open the blog comments, or which laptop is the best?”

It does matter, to many people. But how can it matter to the orphans of Kabul, or the women trapped in fundamentalist misogynist regimes all over the globe?

It’s easy to get caught up in the first world conversation on twitter, blogger, friendfeed, and the like. Easy to complain about the chafing of privelege and class. But where are the voices of the people who lived the stories like The Kite Runner? Where are the voices that matter?

I’m feeling pretty cynical about my own engagement in the froth.

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