stross is right

Internet access: it’s fast becoming my neocortex, my place of connection, my sense of myself and the world. It’s like carrying my family and friends with me, along with my entertainment, relaxation, and news sources.

The internet is where I am, not jsut where I go. Having ubiquitous access is important to me, not because I am addicted, but because it is useful and helpful to my daily life.

My father could never leave home without his watch, his wallet and his handkerchief. When I travel to somewhere without at least a basic cell phone signal, for limited net access on my iPhone, I feel like my dad must’ve felt if he ever left home without his watch, wallet or handkerchief. Naked, useless, like part of me is missing.

It’s not a horrifying thing. not like losing a limb. More like leaving a small part of my brain somewhere. It leaves me disoriented and alone, in a small way.

Fascinating. Looks like the sf writers like Stross and Doctorow are correct.

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