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Enterprise Mac | Tom Yager | InfoWorld | Ahead of the Curve: Back to the Mac | April 16, 2008 11:36 AM | Tom Yager

Apple is getting ever more daring in its engagement with open source in other ways. WebKit, the fast HTML/CSS/SVG rendering and JavaScript engine used in Safari, has caught on like wildfire outside Apple, and why not? To get a commercial browser, loaded with current and emerging standards, free and open for incorporation in your software, is the stuff of fantasy, and Apple holds virtually nothing back. The WebKit project is not strictly Apples. It enjoys broad community engagement, but it is worked as a priority by Apples staff, even to the benefit of direct competitors. For example, the browser on Nokias E-series phones is WebKit-based, and this is not the only example where Apple effectively put its staff and technology to work for the benefit of a competitor. The GNU toolchains adaptability to multiple embedded platforms will see WebKit in everything from phones to toys, starting with iPhone and iPod touch. Now that WebKit has been accepted into Googles Summer of Code, I cant wait to see what innovation comes from that gathering. I plan to ply the most influential attendees with the libations of their choice and get their take on where development is headed.

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