moving to mars

I just noticed that this blog is turning into a link fest. Ugh. Sorry, folks. I thought I’d begin to remedy that with an annotated quote from one of my favorite authors on the web: Warren Ellis. Warren says:

I believe that exploration is necessary to the human spirit. But even if you don’t share that particular delusion, I think most people would agree that any kind of extinction is bad. Except maybe for dogs.

Mars is the best local option for setting up a colony and, eventually, a second life for humanity. It’s a bit of a crap option: no magnetic field to speak of, cold as hell, and currently no guarantees of usable water. But Venus is a shithole, Mercury’s a suicide trip and the Jovian system is a radiation trap. Forget everything you heard about asteroid habitats, it’s bullshit. Right now, it’s Mars or an extrasolar planet, and an exoplanet is going to stay out of our reach, barring a dramatic breakthrough in propulsion engineering, for at least fifty years.

It’s a valid point. You rarely hear how it’s the ONLY option in our system on which it’s possible for us to land and live. Your thoughts?

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