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You know, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this place over the years. I always try to support local businesses when they compare favorably to the chains. If something costs a BIT more, I don’t mind paying it, just to shop locally. If it costs a LOT more, like with the Asus EeePC I just ordered, I’ll shop cheaper rather than local.

So the Alaska Mac Store — usually comparable in price with online, especially with Apple branded products. It used to be that this store had fairly clueless employees, and bad customer service, and they’d never call back on a repair, etc. I dreaded taking machines in there, even there is no other Apple Service outlet in the city that’s close enough to drive to on a whim.

These days, though, that seems to have changed. The service people seem to know what’s going on, can generally diagnose something correctly, and get back to me before huge costs are incurred. The sales people actually know what they’re talking about, for the most part, and treat customers like less than idiots. For the most part.

I’ve been using them as the place I take al the work computers. It’s worked out very well. There’s usually a fairly quick turn around. No more than a couple of weeks, for significant repairs. This time, however, I took my personal machine in. It’s an iMac G5, not under warranty, so I had to pay the $100 up front fee.

I took it in a little over a month ago. They called me back within a week, and said they needed to order a part, for $140. Ok, go for it, I said.

Couple weeks later, still no call. I called them. The guy on the phone read the notes about the repair. This is a good thing. Notes are a positive sign that someone knows what’s going on. Even if I don’t LIKE what’s going on. Guy says that someone ordered the part, but ordered it incorrectly, as a part, not a repair. So they needed to re order it, and they had just done that the day before.

Oy. OK, nothing to be done, right? I call back in a couple of days. Still no part in, but DHL should be bringing it soon. Next day, talk to the manager. He says he called DHL and they promised delivery by 5 pm Thursday. No delivery happens Thursday, or Friday. Monday, I go in for a work computer, and DHL is dropping stuff off there. I decide to wait for the call.

Manager actually calls. This is unprecedented. He says that the part is in, and it’s on the bench. This was two days ago, however. How long does it take to install a power supply? Shouldn’t be two days. I’ll call them today and see what’s what. This is taking way too long. I may actually drive to the Valley next time to take my computers in.

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