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Ted Leo and the Pharmicists.

Form the emusic page:

Ted Leo is still in a class by himself when it comes to relocating and reinvigorating the fiery spirit that produced the great sounds of the ’70s and early ’80s. Too tuneful and structured for punk but too brashly energetic (not to mention politically charged) for pop, Leo taps back into the innocent spirit that once drove bands, both great and small, into an amorphous and stylistically diverse movement, bound together by the common belief that they should play their hearts out, regardless of possible personal benefit. The same conviction, that putting everything on the line for the abandon and joy of electric music-making is a worthwhile goal in and of itself, was just as valid to the hardcore pioneers as it was to London new wavers, Midwest post-punks, primal garage rockers and unbridled power-poppers. None of it was about taming the id or turning down the amps to become more chart-friendly or contemporary, they were simply doing what felt right, as hard and fast as they could. It yielded some really great music. And it still does.

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