the fail meme

Here’s the latest in memes:

It’s like those funny signs you see on churches, David Letterman and Jay Leno funny pictures, etc. They speak for themselves.

But to me, lately, this just seems mean spirited. Like the photo of the girl wearing a thong incorrectly, or of the spellcheck issues in newspapers and signs. Looke, you know you’ve made mistakes. You know you’ve done some dumbass shit in your life. Get a picture of it, and people can ridicule you, too.

How fun!

It’s just that, you know, there’s enough ridicule in our culture, on our planet. If it was treated as some sort of in-with-the-subject laughter, as if we were all the ones in the photo, ok, fine. But this sort of, “YOU FAIL, YOU ARE AN IDIOT” stuff bugs me. We’re all idiots, people. Move on.

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