Just got back from a trip to the House of Rock with the bassist in the band. We got a gig for Friday, which is short notice, but nice to have paying shows to motivate.

The band dynamics are changeing, with one member not as available as he used to be, and I was feeling kind of left hanging, alone, unsupported. It’s not the guy’s fault, he’s an amazing musician, and a great guy, and I understand his unavailability. Totally. I just was feeling sad about it, and like I had to shoulder the changes on my own.

The bassist talked to me about his vision of the band (playing once a week for practice, doing original songs, playing out once in a while) and it’s the same vision I have. It’s good to not feel like the only one making this thing happen. It’s good to have that kind of support. So thanks, Brian. You da man.

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