riddick still sucks

I hate hate fucking HATE The Chronicles of Riddick, mostly for the way it trashed one of my fav little scifi films. Apparently, so does John Scalzi, a new-ish (to me) fav sf author that I’ve come to dig:

AMC – Blogs – SciFi Scanner – John Scalzi – The Ridiculousness of Riddick, or, How Not to Make a SciFi Sequel
The universe of Pitch Black was this gritty, low-rent blue-collar universe which had about as much mysticism in it as Riddick had irises after his “shine job.” The universe of Riddick, on the other hand, is this freakadoodle madhouse supersaturated with myth, mysticism, prophecy, ghosts and something called “the underverse,” which is apparently like hell for the emo set. The only real point of connection between the universe of Pitch Black and the universe of Riddick is the main character.

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