louisgray.com: Social Media Experts are the New Webmasters

This is really good stuff. I’ve been having a hard time lately deciding whether to be a part of the new Social Media expertise hot topic buzzword thing. This is an interesting perspective:

louisgray.com: Social Media Experts are the New Webmasters
I’m afraid that for the most part, their efforts to rebrand as social media experts will be short-lived and futile. Saying one is an expert in utilizing social media sites is akin to brand one’s self as a “Web browsing expert”, an “e-mail expert”, or a “telephone specialist”. While some will capitalize on the technophobes and newbies who don’t know the difference between MySpace and NASA, or Hotmail and Hot Pockets, I believe it makes more sense that social media is spread thinly across all aspects of activity, be it a company’s marketing activities, human resources, communications, and business development. Pretty soon, with any luck, social media won’t be any scarier than opening a Web browser or writing a simple blog post.

I like to think of myself as a technology enabler. I enable people with varying degrees of tech ability/savvy/interest to use new and promising technologies to engage with others. I think social media is too small a subject to build a career around. It’s just another tool in the toolbox. I don’t market myself as an “email power user,” so why limit things to social media? I don’t mind sharing my experience with it, and helping people new to it check it out and find ways to use it in their own life or business venture. Just don’t want to be stuck with the moniker after the bubble has burst.


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