The Brainy Gamer

Maybe the best summary of how I view my own life that I’ve ever seen:

The Brainy Gamer
“Finding your inner child” sounds like a ridiculous and hopelessly outmoded self-help bromide these days. But as I look at the world around me at this moment, I can’t think of a better prescription. We’ve been steadily increasing our productivity for decades. We work and work and work; when we finally give ourselves permission to play, we party and binge-drink ourselves into oblivion or sleep in restorative seclusion, maximizing the efficiency of even our recreation. Then we crash and recover just in time to report back to work. Somewhere on a hill Sisyphus is smirking.

We need more creative energy, imaginative thinking, and an infusion of earnest, unselfconscious, child-like faith in impossible dreams. We need more playful fun – not simply downtime or vacation time – that engages our minds and spirits in joyful re-creation. In other words, we could stand to bring back a few lessons from the world we enter when we play with toys.

I regret my servitude to relentless productivity. I’m tired of feeling embarrassed to play Animal Crossing in public. It’s time for me to say goodbye to game shame.

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