something I need to learn here

Twice now, in a very short period of time, I feel like I have given my all, my 110% to stay professional, pleasant, keep the lines of communication open, and connect on a real human level with another person whom I’m dealing with and/or negotiating with. Both times, I’ve been stupefied by the lack of ability of that other person to return the same level of connection and true honest communication.

What is it I need to learn here? I feel like maybe I need to be able to face this sort of situation with more equanimity. I firmly believe that all things being equal, people are doing the best that they can given their own history and worldview. That’s ok.

But how do I get through a working relationship with these kinds of people? How do I, who sees connection and genuine caring as essential for a close working relationship, include these folks into close working relationships? Do I need to? What is it that I need to learn here?

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