So, I’ve noticed that I’m not writing about me anymore. Some might think this is a good thing, but I’m wondering if I spend too much time writing about other people’s creative output, I’ll lose my own. So, as of now, I’m planning on writing in this thing once per week. Probably from the netbook. Though i’d love to be all space age and write from the iPhone, the truth is that the whole keyboard thing is an issue. I’ll check into maybe getting a 3G dongle for it, or learning how to tether the netbook to the iPhone for 3g access.

So, enough about that crap. I’m 40, as of this past monday, and it’s once again time to take stock of the me. Because the unexamined life and all…just isn’t my thing. So, back to the examining. Soon, anyway. Not RIGHT now, of course. THis is just me priming the pumps, so to speak.

Things to write about:

Family, Kids, Spouse
Friends and Acquaintances
The Superhero Novel That Shouldn’t Be That Hard to Finish, For Chrissakes
Sex, Drugs, and Disco
General Philosophical Meanderings

And….there you have it. The topics of note. I’ll probably also be dumping some links in here from time to time, as they’ll help me keep up on shit. And stuff. TTFN!

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