not enough

how do you express the subtler, poignant feelings that grip like ice and don’t let up until an inevitable thaw in some unspecified future? twitter and facebook are full of pithy, creative, interesting bits of verbiage, but NONE of it allows any sort of deeper communication. maybe the only way to express and receive validation for these kinds of thoughts and feelings is within a smaller group, perhaps even only within a dyad. there are so many things that i am and that i feel and not all of them are unified at all. rather, they float, random and listless, agitated and aimless, until they eventually go away, or become so strong that they have nowhere left to go but out into the world, breaking barriers and crushing all that are in their path.

how do you express the utter futility of existence along with the complete certainty that it all indeed means something wonderful? i’m going to say that, for me, i’ve only heard it expressed in music. and only rarely.


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