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In which we try a new stab at the whole regular updating thing.

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Hey! leave a comment after the beep…. *beep*

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Feed the twitter monster

Patrick Curl, at, writes: The next experiment is actually a Twitter Meme. Goal: For each participant to receive the following: More followers on Twitter. More RSS Subscribers. I’m all for increased twitter/blog/tumblr/techie connections. Bring it on.

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blog theme broken

UPDATE: New theme. What do you think? It’s prolly not compatible with WP 2.5. Still, worth the extra effort creating a new one. 2.5 is rockin! Oh, and remember, i’ll be using Twitter and Tumblr to moblog:

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Mobile Blogging

I’m going to try using tumblr as my main mobile blog. I’ll try and come back here and put up stuff that was interesting from the laptop, but I want to try and see how much of a snapshot I can provide from the road using tumblr, and my iPhone. See my tumblr blog here: […]

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i’ll tumblr for ya

I’ve been quoting stuff more often lately at: It’s a nice way to draw attention to small snippets of stuff that delicious or a full post don’t.

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one year of

Yes, you heard me right. officially turns one year old on April 27, 2007. I just got a call from, offering me incredibly low rates, if only I sign up for a multi year contract. meh. I’ll sign up for another year, and that’s about it.

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yeah i should be writing, but…

Everything in the “nanowrimo” category, on this site, is copyrighted by Rob LeFebvre under a Creative Commons License. Feel free to produce movies from it, read it aloud on your podcast, tell your friends about it, and use the characters from it in your own works. Do not use it in it’s entirety as your […]

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holy CRAP that was easy

I just imported all my stuff from Squifnet, and roblog, into this current blog. WOW. It took all of three minutes. I’ll spend another few categorizing things into … well, categories. Back in a few!

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welcome to the unskinned populated, compiled and skinned portion of my digital life. i’ll be moving all my digiitl world here in the next few weeks days, so be prepared. Wheeha!

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