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Some eMagazines that might be nice to get for me

You know, for a birthday or such? There’s also the Kindle, which would be rockin. Seriously rockin. You can read these on a Kindle, Amazon’s new revolutionary eBook reader. A Kindle will save the countless trees and storage space that take up much of any collector’s home. I’d love to be able to get these […]

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long time, no write

So, I’ve been way busy with the band (robotJunky), the new videogaming site (gamesAreEvil) and my work (Special Ed. Service Agency). Plus, you know, parenting and husbanding and such. I’ve also been trying to keep up the reading. I feel like a more ocmplete human being when I a) read, and b) exercise. So here’s […]

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Charlie’s Diary: Bechdel’s Law

Charlie’s Diary: Bechdel’s Law The current decade is characterized by security anxieties writ large, a socially conservative culture of retreat from liberalism, and a strong anti-feminist backlash. Our popular media, far from being the bastions of liberal values that conservatives say they are, are actually belwethers of popular culture, amplifying, reinforcing, and reflecting our culture’s […]

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riddick still sucks

I hate hate fucking HATE The Chronicles of Riddick, mostly for the way it trashed one of my fav little scifi films. Apparently, so does John Scalzi, a new-ish (to me) fav sf author that I’ve come to dig: AMC – Blogs – SciFi Scanner – John Scalzi – The Ridiculousness of Riddick, or, How […]

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Goodreads | Iron Man: Extremis

Goodreads | Iron Man: Extremis Get it, read it. Ellis can do no wrong. It’s got all his trademark themes and humor, applied to a superhero that’s more like you and me than most.

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