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i will buy this man’s book, now

Clay Shirky. I think he may be one to watch.

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why twitter?

When I first told a good friend of mine about Twitter, he replied, “why do I want to see what everyone is doing every second of the day?” Which made sense, as far as it goes. He’s not a lifestreaming proponent. But twitter has become something less lifestream and more conversationstream. I’m finding and following […]

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dump our schools, already!

I’ve heard the same theme from other people: the older generations just don’t get what all the new tech is about. I’m not finding that to be true in my world. Maybe I’m unaware of my own unaware-ness, but I always feel like I do generally get what the next big tech/music/tv thing is about. […]

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experience is the new reality

Pretty cool little video of future extrapolation/tech.

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