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quoted on a blog that got 55,000 hits Myster writes a blog entry about Sarah Palin: She’s not politically moderate. In fact, when it comes to social issues, Palin is almost as conservative as they come. In a 2006 gubernatorial debate, when asked to respond to a hypothetical situation in which her own daughter had been impregnated by a rapist, Palin responded […]

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The joy of ubiquitous networking

So yesterday I was running errands and realised that I had time to stop at the store to grab ingredients for ameal I had been craving–chili verde. But I hadn’t downladed a recipe for it yet. Lucky me, I have an iPhone. I pulled up mobile Safari and did a google search for chili verde. […]

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local creatives make good. brought to you by cokeâ„¢.

This morning at breakfast, I’m reading the latest Utne Reader. Specifically, this article on creativity (the theme of the issue) – One thing that caught my eye was the interviewee’s assertion that when it comes to the arts, we have become a culture of consumers, sitting at the table of a few greats, rather […]

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rok en la roll

so, we played the House of Rock in Spenard this past Friday. And it was tons of fun. Had a nice little group of listeners, and we played the songs pretty well. The sound was horrible. i could BARELY hear myself sing, and started to go hoarse during the last few songs. That’s Not Good, […]

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social networking

So, today, I had the opportunity to meet up with two people from the local “web developer/IT Professional” community in Anchorage. I know, you’re saying, “what community?” Well, it turns out that there is one. I connected up with them through Twitter, a micro-bloggin service that lets people follow other people. I’ve been digging on […]

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why twitter?

When I first told a good friend of mine about Twitter, he replied, “why do I want to see what everyone is doing every second of the day?” Which made sense, as far as it goes. He’s not a lifestreaming proponent. But twitter has become something less lifestream and more conversationstream. I’m finding and following […]

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love the royce! | Picture Inset : New license plate celebrates Alaskas 50th “I like it,” said Royce Williams of Anchorage, an ACS computer technician and unofficial historian of Alaska license plates. “Its simple and not too crowded.”

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