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Charlie’s Diary: Bechdel’s Law

Charlie’s Diary: Bechdel’s Law The current decade is characterized by security anxieties writ large, a socially conservative culture of retreat from liberalism, and a strong anti-feminist backlash. Our popular media, far from being the bastions of liberal values that conservatives say they are, are actually belwethers of popular culture, amplifying, reinforcing, and reflecting our culture’s […]

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riddick still sucks

I hate hate fucking HATE The Chronicles of Riddick, mostly for the way it trashed one of my fav little scifi films. Apparently, so does John Scalzi, a new-ish (to me) fav sf author that I’ve come to dig: AMC – Blogs – SciFi Scanner – John Scalzi – The Ridiculousness of Riddick, or, How […]

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